Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too Lazy...(Twotes from Twavels - Rishikesh/Haridwar) blog. Too exhausted to have integrity of any kind. Too in love with myself to resist making a post out of my tweets. Too unoriginal to give them even the minimum required spin. Copy-Paste, how I love thee...
28th March 2010

...and followed up his #epicfail with 'hummey SAB jaankaari hai'. Hey. Ram. via web 

Our driver lost his way 4 times: getting out of Delhi, entering Haridwar, Locating Rishikesh and getting back into Delhi. #truestory via web 

and if you're going to have 24,000 verses of anything in a song, then switch up the melody once in a while, wouldja? via web   

I now know all about the Luv-Kusss story because a squeaky manchild from Gorakhpur decided to cut an album with all 24,000 verses of it. via web 

20 hrs straight in vehicle on UPhighway that Mayawati didn't build, most of it stuck in Kumbh traffic with driver who digs Ram Kathas. #hell via web 

Kumbh once more via web 

Sleep Deprivation Phase Three: In which an innocuous statement like 'that haircut suits your face' is misinterpreted as'You calling me fat?' via web. 

@_vasu : ya man...and i have a killer road trip tomorrow...but i shall overcome. via Twitterrific in reply to _vasu 

Sleep Deprivation Phase Two: In which she accidentally switches to Times Now but is too exhausted to change channel. via web 

Sleep Deprivation Phase One: In which she makes the fatal mistake of snorting a cup of black coffee. via web 

fuck. follow friday falready? via web 

John Lennon was right when he sang 'I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink' #lamelyricsthatseemprofound   via web

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