Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Golden Girl Globes

So I'm turning 31 in 10 days and I don't really feel old, whatever that means...but tonight I realized I was definitely not the same person I was at 18 or even 25...

Because I stayed up late (by my standards) to switch channels between the Golden Globes, the Filmfare & SAG Awards. More than halfway through I began to get the feeling that my overriding takeaway was going to be 'Wow, that old guy/woman looks FABULOUS!' Meryl Streep, Sophia Lauren, Paul McCartney, Jeff Bridges, Rekha, Shashi Kapoor - and I'm thinking 'What is it about this evening? How come they're all looking so good? Can't all be about the Botox'

And then I realised it was me. I was the one with the problem. The lens had shifted. Or gotten more cataract'd. It's like my hormones had automatically begun to disqualify the 30-and-unders. Worse still, it was beginning to appreciate 'character on faces' and 'wisdom in eyes' over tight bums and bad attitudes. It was all about the dignity now and I was like Huhhhhh??? When did this happen? When did I become unshallow? When did I begin to measure 'success' in terms of inner peace vs. ability to score weed on weekdays?

When did I become the girl who switches channels from tight close ups of Neil Nitin Mukesh to see Betty White and her Golden Globes?

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