Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A lot has happened has happened in the last few days. The best way to describe it is to say that I've been having very realistic dreams of being pregnant. I looked it up on Google and found that it signifies the birth of a new phase; one that's full of creativity.

So, back to the week gone by. Found and then lost an incredibly important job. Lost and found an incredibly important person. Both events potentially crucial to my future. As I write, I'm fully aware of how I stand smack dab in the centre of these two happenings. Which way things go now depends in equal measure on how I steer my life and how my life steers me. Now more than ever, I have to learn to let go while gripping the reins.

Right now my soundtrack is a new discovery - Newton Faulkner. His music gets me one step closer to defining the genre of music I like best. And we all know that understanding one's music gets us one step closer to understanding ourselves. So this acoustic guitar slapping and simple lyric seems to hit home today...

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