Monday, July 27, 2009


I have vowed to maintain my sanity in the face of unemployment and poverty by doing one thing creative everyday. So one day I took to sewing with a vengeance, the next day I painted a tree (which for some reason has a red trunk which looks rather morbid) and the day after that I invented two phrases (pl find 2 blogs below) and then yesterday, I started work on a short story.
But it's Monday today and while all my friends are in their air-conditioned offices, I'm sitting here getting thoroughly bored and inspiration-less.
All I can come up with is this visual in my head of a maternity ward with bedfuls of screaming women in labour, all lined up against a wall. On one side of the ward is a full orchestra. When the orchestra strikes up, the women start shooting babies out from between their legs. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Like those automated tennis ball-throwers I've seen on TV. The orchestra reaches a crescendo as a row of men line up across the beds, in wicket-keeping stance, all ready to catch the deluge of slime-covered babies.
Running back and forth between the baby-shooting canons and the baby-catching fielders, are masked doctors and nurses, slipping and sliding on the goo-covered floor.

I need an occupation. Universe, can you hear me? I need an occupation.

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