Tuesday, November 23, 2010


If I took up pilates, it would strengthen my core. This would ease up the pressure on my spine, thus alleviating the excruciating lower-back pain I suffer from. In time, this will lead to a writing job that will win awards, which will in turn ensure that I find the perfect man and have interracial babies. Eventually this will result in a lower BMI & I will successfully escape my genetic disposition towards diabetes & the chronic inability to read a map.


  1. Here is what a drooling interracial baby looks like ~:-P~~~ map reading and efficiently processing sugar are as yet undertermined.

  2. fully endorsed. pilates is clearly the answer.

  3. @ Anonymous: I eagerly await the full results of your very important research.

    @relativelytruthful: Good. I needed to regain the ability to touch my toes and now, with your endorsement, it shall be so. Also, hello.