Monday, November 8, 2010

I'd Avoid This One If I Were You

I started blogging at a point in my professional life, which one might politely describe as a 'pregnant pause'. I was hoping that the result of the seemingly never-ending gestation period would be a spectacularly well paying writing job. Instead, what popped out after hours of yelling, screaming and bloody mayhem, was this blog.

The momentum was brisk, the writing came fast & fluid. The mind, numbed by hours of watching television, was ready to indulge in creative pursuits. It was unselfconscious, it was honest, it was fun. Quality standards met most of the specifications of its sole reader, who coincidentally happened to be its writer.

It seems now that the blog has reached that point in its life when it wants to stick its head in the oven: not necessarily to annihilate itself, but perhaps to see how it'll all turn out. It's not the best way to go about business, hoping a sexy firefighter (the kind that only exists in American sitcoms) comes and rescues it, but its the most fun thing this blog has done in a while.

Yeeeeaaaaah. So. Like. Whatdja wanna do? I don't know, whaddooyou wanna do? I don't know.

Ok, my television is dying on me. Let me get up off this bed and go slap it on its side.


  1. It seems like you are at crossroads-with one road leading to same comfortable path you took earlier and the other to some untrodden path at which you look with curiosity. Am I reading too much into this? Maybe yes because I am going through the same phase. Though-provoking post :)

  2. Actually, I wish there were a comfortable path. There is none as of now. There is a blankness and then me forcing myself to write some rubbish just because I must keep my blog updated. It's not much fun at the moment.
    But I'm pretty sure I'll find my mojo again soon...I hope...O god please!
    Thanks for reading. :D

  3. Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog (I think you are the first person ever to do so - I am really honoured! :D).

    This blog is lovely - I read through the first 4 pages. I loved the post about the conversations in the beauty parlor. :D (I always get - why are you so dark? Do you want bleach?)

    And about this particular post - it's strange how everything has a role to play isn't it? Like how this blog seems to have helped you at some point and now it exists as a reminder of the time maybe?

  4. :D This is SO bizarre. I was just dropping a comment on your latest post. Then some problem happened and I couldn't get to the comments page...
    I really, really love your blog. It's so original and smart & honest.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment here. I don't think I'm entirely done with this blog yet. I might just be back to posting, sooner than I think and will chalk it all up to a mood swing :)

  5. Wow! So weird! :D I haven't really incorporated the comments feature in my blog (I am very nervous about how people would respond to the posts - I mean those are really personal thoughts out there). And now, I am really curious what you were going to comment on the post!

    And I really do hope you get the urge to write again! :D (Did I mention - I loved the post on the comfortable chaddi as a metaphor?)

  6. It would be a crying shame to see this blog go dormant. I cheer you on not because you're a friend, but because the writing comes from the heart. There aren't too many of those around.

    So, just let the moment pass. When the heart has things to say, look forward to reading it here.

  7. Thank you, Neeraj. Yeah, I'll see how it goes. I think I need to be jobless in order to have something to write here. When I'm busy, all my writing energies go into my projects and I have nothing left to say on the blog that isn't trite or dishonest.

  8. It's such a bad idea to stop this at this point. Really! You've a terrific job in your hand... this blog!

  9. :) Thanks Soumyaranjan. I'm sure I haven't stopped entirely...I'll be back.

  10. you write so well! refreshing read, this blog..