Friday, August 13, 2010

Scenes From A Beauty Parlour

Scene 1: Threading

- Tch Tch, madam, you are coming after so many days.
- Really? I was here a month ago.
- Accha? Lot of growth you have madam.
- Hmmm.
- You must be very busy?
- A little, I travel for work sometimes.
- Married?
- No. You asked me this last month also.
- You should get married.

Scene 2: Facial

- Hello madam, seeing you after so many days.
- I was here a month ago.
- Accha? You should get gold facial.
- Just the usual please.
- This chocolate facial is also very good.
- Really? What does it do?
- It makes the skin very soft. Removes impurities.
- And the gold one?
- It removes impurities & makes the skin like butter. Soft.
- Just the usual please.
- Madam, lots of tanning you have.
- That's my real skin colour actually.
- You want skin whitening?
- No thank you, the usual please.
- Married?
- No.

Scene 3: Haircut

- What do you want madam?
- Layers. Don't cut it too short.
- No.
- What do you mean no?
- It won't look nice.
- Look I've had this cut for a while now, I know how it looks. I like it.
- It doesn't look nice.
- It's okay, just do it please.
- Fine.
- This isn't what I asked for. It's too short.
- But it looks nice now.

Scene 4: Waxing

- Hello madam, after so long you're coming.
- (.....)
- Real tattoo? Sticker?
- Real.
- Hai! Did it hurt?
- Yes.
- My husband's mother also has. Family tradition. She was five.
- That's nice.
- She wants me to quit my job & stay at home. But I can't. I want to move out of that house. I need my salary.
- What does your husband say?
- He doesn't say anything, only. He's afraid of his mother.
- Arranged marriage?
- No. Love marriage. I fought with my parents to marry him.
- So he doesn't want to move out?
- Why would he, madam, he has all the comforts of being his mother's only son.
- So what will you do?
- I don't know madam. I get migraines everyday. I can't eat or sleep.
- You must never leave your job.
- No madam, I won't quit, no matter what that woman says.
- Good. It's important for a woman to have financial independence.
- You are married?
- No.
- Why not?


  1. Story of our lives. Very well captured, the mundane conversations that we'd kill to avoid.

  2. This was actually very funny. And something that is relatable to. :)

  3. Hehe. Thanks so much ladies. I don't know about you, but I find the monthly visit to the salon quite traumatic :)

  4. Congrats for getting listed on blogadda...Enjoyed your post....very typical....

  5. Thanks so much for dropping by & commenting :)

  6. Hahahaha, superb! Are women Machochists?

  7. We might be...because we also think that a trip to the salon is 'me time' for pampering :)

  8. Good one.... feeling like I had a parlour visit just now ;)

  9. It transported me back to the visit I had just 2 days back! :)

  10. @Sweta @Neha Thank you for visiting the blog and dropping a line :)

  11. Quite agree, I find the trip to the parlour traumatic too, and so am always postponing it. I also get fed up of some whiney, sales talk which goes on, get this done, get that done. :( This was very funny, though. I guess one can laugh if it's happening to someone else.

  12. Welcome back sistah! Love this one! I am sure we can build this into a series :)

  13. Oh my God! Hilarious! I thought I was the only one who avoided the parlour because of these conversations..

    "You should do clean-up. De-tanning is very good" Aaaaarrrggghh

  14. :D Hahaha. Maybe we should start a support group for women battered by salon zealots.

  15. Haha! It KILLS me when they start rattling off skin-care/relationship/clothes/somebody's dog's health tips without you asking for it. WORSE than threading.