Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skippy Badgerow

...Skippy Badgerow."

She woke up with the name Skippy Badgerow playing jump rope in her head. Her REM cycle had been unkind, sweat had dribbled continuously down her neck in the night, soaking those sheets not of Egyptian cotton.

Who was Skippy Badgerow? And did he dress well?...

The answers would not come easy. Till then she resolved never to eat rabbit or chew on a human heart.


  1. Is that an 'Uptown Girls' reference I spy?

  2. 'Uptown Girls'? Like the song? No. This was a dream, for real.

  3. Oh! The movie? Which part? Confused I am.

  4. 'Sheets of Egyptian Cotton' is a song from the movie. Weird name to dream about, though.

  5. Has she succumbed to too much rabbit, or human heart eating. Is that why she has been silent for so long?

  6. Hallo Banno!!
    The silence is due to being buried under a mountain of work. Twitter needs short spans of attention. Blogs, more love & care. I'll be back soon :)