Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Balloons - 16.10.2009

Two balloons float up into the sky. One red, one blue.
The blue balloon glides like a cat when high. Folks on the ground worry how it drifts across the sky, seemingly without a clue.
The red balloon freestyles when high. For most people, it all looks a little pointless. Two wayward globes making their way across vast expanses of nothingness.
But up where the two roam, there is so much to see. There’s white, feathery cloud bits, the stray bird, the just-out-of-reach blueness. And the magnificent view below.
It’s nice, even important, to know that the bustling happens down there, while here in the stratosphere, there’s nothing to do but fly, strings sometimes intertwined, sometimes undone.

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