Thursday, February 25, 2010


Bitch, you've got a cold heart.

What did you expect? A handshake & complimentary fruit basket?

Is this really necessary?

Here's how it's going to be, sir. In exactly 5 minutes, you will be boarding a plane to an undisclosed location. When you land, you'll be escorted by Immigration to their back office. You will let them scan your luggage . Any citizenship documents pertaining to this country will be destroyed.

You're indicting me for a murder I didn't commit----

Let the law of the land be the judge of your crimes, sir. As I was saying, your passport will be put through a shredder and all data of your resident status deleted.

How much you must hate me. Can these cuffs be loosened? They're killing me.

Officer, uncuff this man.

What's this?

A declaration giving up all ownership rights to this property. Sign at the bottom.

I'm not signing anything.

Sir, that would not be in your best interests.

Fuck you. This isn't over.

I think it is, sir. You see this weapon in my hand? It's surprisingly easy to use. Takes less energy to push back against the trigger than to knead dough. In less than a second, a bullet could smash through your skull, cause a holocaust in your cranium and exit the other side without leaving a goodbye note. Sign those papers.

You never gave me a chance to---

Officer, escort this gentleman to the plane. We are done.

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