Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in the Day

  • The only reality show on TV was Krishi Darshan.
  • Blogging was what happened to Malyali noses in Delhi winters.
  • India, China & Brazil were on the brink of becoming superpowers...wait, they still are.
  • People had friends made of flesh & blood, not inch-high FB pics.
  • Taking a flight was something 'rich people' did.
  • Relatives from abroad would return with bagfuls of Marks & Spencers, Benetton & Sony Walkmans...and we'd be excited.
  • Sony Walkman - the era of 'Don't Run Too Fast Or The Tape Will Get Jammed in The Head'.
  • McDonald's was the classiest joint in town.
  • 50p could get you a whole mess of stuff.
  • Boys didn't put more product in their hair than girls.
  • Sting, Tracy Chapman & Bruce Springsteen performed in Delhi and the roads were blocked for miles. Now the Backstreet Boys come and go and there's barely a rumble.
  • People were famous because they did cool stuff. Now there's Rahul Mahajan.
  • Traveling acrobats, snake charmers and folk singers would roam the streets of our colony - remember the tiny ferris wheels & bioscopes?
  • The Bioscope: long before cable TV crowded our brains.
  • We laughed out loud, not LOL.
  • It wasn't cool to diss Indira & Sanjay Gandhi.
  • It wasn't cool to diss Vajpayee.
  • You could see a film and still not file for bankruptcy.
  • Cricketers' jerseys were not walking billboards.
  • Good handwriting was important.
  • Air hostesses were rude but spoke English we understood.
  • Girls had bangs called 'flicks' and wore shoes called 'Baylleez'.
  • 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' was not a marketing ploy.
  • Anil Kapoor was famous for being hairy and teaching us incorrect math ('One-Two ka Four, Four-Two ka One').
  • Sundays were all about Ramayan, Mahabharat, He Man and Molu.
  • America was cool but the USSR was our friend.
  • Games were played outdoors and had weird names like pithhoo and four-corners. Wii was just a sound one made on those tiny ferris wheels.
  • Avatars were things we prayed to, to pass exams.
  • South Indians did not have wedding sangeets.
  • We thought the glaciers would be around forever. Then we didn't. Then we did.

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