Sunday, January 10, 2010

Really, people...Part II

I'm so sick of aam janta badmouthing politicians and distancing themselves from what those 'evil parliamentarians' do.
Yes, leaving a bleeding cop to die on the side of a highway as you drive away with your convoy of vehicles is despicable. Yes, you may call it inhuman and absolutely inexcusable.
But for fuck's sake can we not turn into this - 'them dirty netas' shit?
Who are these bloody netas anyway? Didn't we kinda, sorta elect them? Didn't we in effect say - you dudes are the guys I choose to take care of me. Then what's all the drama about? They're not from Mars. They're just like you and me.

And they did exactly the same thing that millions of us do on a daily basis when we see a road accident happen and drive by, when a woman is being sexually harassed in broad daylight and we look away, a dog being beaten with sticks and we walk past.

There's no difference between us and the inhuman politician. So enough with the self-righteous witch hunt already.

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