Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I used my best lines on Twitter and Facebook

I'm a little annoyed with myself.
For the last two days I've suffered many types of mental trauma, amongst which was a severe case of writer's block. Or so I thought. After all, writing 12 episodes of a quiz show on climate change (and not being allowed to use the word 'trivia', like, EVER) does take its toll.
But as I struggled to cloak doomsday predictions about our planet in teen-friendly banter, another bunch of words was straining to come out of me. A bunch of words that explained my combined experience of being heartbroken, hungry, excited about attending the Kumbh, working on a brand new mac and scared of going back into therapy again. Recipe for genius, right?
Except, instead of pouring out into a masterpiece blog entry, it came out as useless crap totaling up to not more than 140 characters.

Will report back post-Kumbh. I wish I was staying there long enough to grow dreadlocks.

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