Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Men I Once Knew

I once knew a man, who noticed me in a crowd, stole me away from daily drudgery and filled the workday with sweet surprises. On my birthday, he bought me the biggest bouquet of flowers I'd ever seen and made the guys in the restaurant sing 'Happy Birthday' for me. He loved when I grabbed his ass and found the time to tell me I was a 'good person...perhaps one of the best he'd ever met'. But he insisted that we remain a secret...in order to try his luck with other women, as it turned out.

I once knew a man, who made music. He called me his best friend and said I knew enough about him to "write his autobiography". Once, when I told him my close friend was depressed, he called her up (STD) and sang 'Yellow' just to make her smile. But then he locked himself up in his room with a bottle and made me throw away the key.

I once knew a man, who told me he loved me the same evening we met. He spoke of me in metaphors and similes and referred to me as an 'orchid'. One morning I woke up to his sms - 'I'm standing outside your door and I'm here to marry you.'. He wanted me to get an MBA (Masters in Business Admn) and have an OBE (Out of Body Experience). Throughout our cross-country relationship, he kept tabs on what I was doing & who I was meeting. 8 months later I realised I should have been keeping tabs on who he was meeting & doing.

I once knew a man with whom I could conduct conversations in broken French for 15 minutes at a stretch. He introduced me to Joni and Ani. He supplied me with a steady stream of Himachal's finest. He taught me about warm sake and chopsticks. He had the face of a cherub on crack. And the demeanour, I discovered to my horror, of a demon.

Not one of them knew how to hold me.

PS: This post is dedicated to a friend who listened patiently as I gave him a lecture on alanis' music being whine-fests about men.


  1. I just have chanced on your blog and zimbly love it :)

    As for the above post I seem well on way to make all the above said accomplishments!

    Musician, broody, tortured soul type – he once told me “I bring out the best in him”, only to be left for someone who probably best did him.
    The one who introduced me to the joys of dried plants among other things.
    The one whose past experiences left him incapable of loving – but never affected the other functions.
    The one who would spend the night discovering the star lit skies and still insist that we have nothing but our primary day relationship – he my boss, me who reports to him.

    Only diff, each I believed knew how to hold me.

  2. :) That makes you very lucky indeed.

    Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a lovely, positive comment. It means a lot!