Monday, May 4, 2009

Homebound and brimming

Been at home for two weeks now. No new project and plenty of time to do as I please. Had me two marvellous experiences...

The first was reading Saeed Mirza's book 'Ammi - Letters to a Democratic Mother' and the second was watching the 2 hr Nat Geo special on the online films collectively titled 'Hometown Baghdad' (
Both are intensely personal and human takes on national and global events and neither allows us to remain cocooned in the safety of war-stats and newspaper headlines.
These are throbbing, pulsating and REAL accounts of the horrors of what man does to man. There are no fingers of blame being pointed. Just mirrors being held up. Look, they both say, look - this is happening all around you and but for the grace of God, it could just as well been you. Or me.

And then we have young people who think it's 'too hot' to go out and vote. It's the bare minimum we can do...

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