Friday, August 21, 2015

Challenge. Accepted.

When you troll people on Twitter you find amazing things.
I found an open invite to the Godawful Poetry Fortnight curated by @zigzackly.
I don't write or perform poetry and I just spent the evening listening to people who do.
Obviously these are two qualifications I needed to begin poeming.

Follow the trail of embroidered beards
and cultivated disinterest
Find yourself 
In the hipster capital of the Capital
Mind the jazz
It has
A beard of its own

Leaning rhymes
Against the bass, a double
A couple
Which you are no longer
Part of
This place of beards & poetry
You know it

You had one once
A beard
with a poem
With a text you've been missing lately
"Delhi seems extra rapey tonight,
Call me when you get home safely."



  1. Oh. But the problem here is that you are supposed to be writing Godawful Poetry, not good pretty-darn-good poetry about Godawful Poetry!

    1. :D
      I always associate poetry - especially the performance of it - with acts of incredible bravery.
      After attending a poetry session last evening, that belief was reinforced. It takes guts! Much respect to those who put themselves out there and aren't drive-by tricksters like me.
      Thank you for reading and dropping a line :)

  2. very nice..
    enjoyed the ends so well