Sunday, December 15, 2013

Many A Slip

That moment before you lose your shit.
That moment before you censor yourself.
That moment before you cast your vote.
That moment before you take that bite.
That moment before you lean forward.
That moment before you walk away.
That moment before you turn around.

Take that moment and stretch it ouuuuuuttttttt as if you control time, as if you are the queen of making clear choices. As if your mind has always had the right answer and your body has always been poised to make the perfect move.

To enjoy the delusion that everything you decided was right for you in that moment. To squash the idea that you made a mistake.
Or the opposite.
To know what's done is done is done and everything else is spin.


  1. Hmm. Good advice. Hard to do. Hard not to let your thoughts spin. But worth practicing.

    1. I think by 'spin' I meant the labels we put on our choices: right, wrong, smart, stupid etc. No matter how we analyze our decisions, in the end there's no way to know for certain if the choice we didn't make would've been better or yielded a 'more perfect' solution.
      Thanks for reading and congrats on your film!!