Saturday, December 8, 2012

Political Statement

Went for the South Asian Bands Festival at Purana Qila this evening. 
A special event organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, bringing together musicians from all the SAARC countries.

Lovely music.
Slightly suspicious stage design:

Call me paranoid but there's something ominous about so many Indian flags gheraoing the other SAARC countries' flags.

Maybe I'm over-reacting. I mean, we aren't such bullies are we? ARE WE, BITCH?

Speaking of bullies: 2011's highlights showcased a superb heavy metal band from Myanmar. You have to wonder what they're rebelling against. I mean, Than Shwe did let them out of the country, didn't he?

And then there was this band from Mumbai going to town about smoking ganja, while the Hon'ble Minister for External Affairs sat in the audience, pondering which one of his babus sanctioned a band that yells "Blow YOURSELF UP!!!!" every 6 seconds.

Finally there was Noori from Pakistan. They are gorgeous, they did a kickass version of 'Eik Alif' without Saeen Zahoor and therefore no amount of cynicism will allow me to diss them.
Not even Ali Hamza, who seems to have the same stylist as Ajmal Kasab.

Oh Hamza, you crazy coot you....reminding us how much India & Pakistan have in common. 
If only we'd all just get along.

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