Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scientists Say The Darndest Things

In my few interactions with science folk across India, I've come to have deep respect for their work...and for their kinky sense of humour. Not all scientists are funny, but when they are, they can be delightfully dark.
I met up with a biomedical engineer whose artificial heart pump is designed to assist the left ventricle in doing its business. Unlike the heart, which is a pulsating pump, this one is centrifugal & continuous in nature. It's a nifty little titanium rotor device that ensures a steady flow of blood at all times.
Very seriously, the engineer tells us about extensive studies that suggest that continuous flow of blood through the body does not create any major differences in physiology as compared to a pulsating flow.

Suddenly his face softens, his eyes crinkle and his mouth widens into a spectacular grin.
"Wonly wone thing izzzthere...vether sleepingor DEDD, vee vill naat know. No pulse izzzthere wonly! Hahahahaa..."

I can't tell if she's alive. Quick, someone check her Facebook.

There was also the case of the delightful elevator music at ISRO's headquarters.

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