Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning To Accept the Good

Here's a lesson for everyone who feels they've been shortchanged, that the world is full of mean-spirited people, that goodness is only exchanged for a price.

We need to start trusting again. Tough as hell. Tough not to keep looking for loopholes, tough not to keep wondering when that pound of flesh will be extracted. Tough to believe that the goodness is there just because.

But what if there's a teeny-tiny, infinitesimal chance that it's all for real? That the decency, generosity and concern is as natural as the air I breathe? What if it's as basic as my god-given right to exist on this planet.

Well then, as David Duchovny told Benicio Del Toro in a fairly pretentious movie, I have to learn to 'Accept the Good'. I just hope that I learn to do it before the Good gets tired of waiting around and leaves to go to someone who won't doubt its very existence.

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